Explaining Thor: The Dark World Mid-Credit Scene

Scott Iwaniec

SPOILERS! It’s nothing that will make or break the movie, but if you are like me and like to be surprised by after credit scenes, put this article on hold until you see it.

AP Photo
AP Photo

After the mid-credit scene I figured only about five people in the average screening will have any idea what happened. Assuming you already saw it (and protecting those who haven’t and are wrongfully reading this) I will not recite what happens, but rather answer a few questions.

The collector is a villain in the Marvel universe who, of course, collects things. Benicio Del Toro was casted to play him in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy as one of a few villains to appear in that movie. Yes, this is also Del Toro who we saw. He is often associated with Thanos, AKA the purple guy in the post credit scene of The Avengers.

What’s more interesting is what he was given. The item he was given was referred to as an “infinity stone” and as The Collector said, there are five more. The infinity Gems (stone in this case), once assembled into the Infinity Gauntlet, gives the wearer complete control of reality and matter.

You would think that would be enough to kill the Avengers right? Well, it does. This confirms the theory that Avengers 3 (most likely) will be an adaptation to one of Marvels most notorious story arcs “The Infinity Gauntlet.” Without giving too much away, Thanos gets his hands on the gauntlet and attempts to take over the world. If this isn’t enough proof for you, Thanos is confirmed to be in Guardians of the Galaxy, and not as the primary villain.

It is believed this will introduce him to the Marvel Cinematic universe to set him up for Phase three. So yes, they knew where the films would be heading to since before the first Avengers movie. Marvel has definitely woven an intricate spider web of events (ironic since they can’t even use their flagship character Spider-Man). If these movies keep escalading at the rate they are, just imagine the explosive force that Avengers 3 will carry.