Erica’s Australian Adventures

Erica Naugle

Hello my fellow Chargers,

Erica and her four person chior held their own, but did not place  (Photo provided by Erica Naugle)
Erica and her four person choir held their own, but did not place
(Photo provided by Erica Naugle)

It’s amazing how quickly the weeks fly by here! Lectures are gearing down for a much needed break and everyone is in the mindset for lecture recess. The usually full dining hall currently has a total of five tables in use as most people have already set out on their adventures. Then there are those of us left behind. Some people I have spoken to are leaving tonight or early tomorrow morning. Others are just staying around for the duration of recess, and the rest of us are awaiting the start of our class field trips.

As poor as the timing could possibly be, a few of my friends and I have class field trips on Monday through Wednesday of break. Some of them have plans to head out to Orpheus Island in order to conduct research projects. My Aquaculture of Tropical Species class and I will be heading out to visit some aquaculture farms and see the processes involved in the cultivation and raising of various fish and prawn species. I’m looking forward to this opportunity to be able to have a behind-the-scenes look at the development of a growing field. We finish on Wednesday and then we leave for Cairns on Thursday!

Last week I mentioned the ICC, which turned out to be an amazing experience. It was so surreal not only to participate in one of the categories, but also to see all of the other performers and understand the commitment that they put into their piece. Unfortunately, I missed the instrumental and band categories since I was in warm-up at the time, but all the other choirs, musical theater, and dance routines were amazing. Our tiny choir of four held our own, but sadly it was not enough to place, but our musical theater and dance team both placed second. It was really nice to see the huge amount of support that our little college community brought to the show.

That’s all the updates for this week, bigger adventures to come!