Ending the School Year with a Fantastic Weekend

Joann Wolwowicz

After a fantastic Spring Weekend, I know that it’s now time to finally start preparing for finals. With today being the last day of classes, it is finally beginning to set in that summer is just around the corner; we just need to push past those pesky final exams before we can fully relax. Hopefully all of your final exams are scheduled on decent days, at decent times, and not all packed together on the same day. Hopefully this weekend gave you the relaxation you needed to get back into the last week and a half of school. Let’s end strong.

I really enjoyed myself this weekend. Attending the spring concert, carnival, and comedian are always events that I look forward to all year. I hope that everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did. Of course, I do know that there are always people who aren’t happy with the way things are planned, what is offered at these events, or just complain that things are lame. But the way I see it is you cannot make everyone happy. In every situation, I’m convinced that there will always be at least, if not more (and usually it’s more) ten percent of people who are unhappy and complaining. It’s just a fact of life, and if we let those unhappy folks bring us down, we wouldn’t be proud of what we actually accomplish.

With all of that being said, I believe that if a majority of people enjoy something, then you can rate what you’ve done as a success. I know that a majority of people enjoyed this entire weekend, and so therefore, like always, it was a complete success. Fantastic job SCOPE!

Another event that I was very excited to attend was this semester’s spring play: Rent. Because I was busy most of the weekend, I was especially looking forward to seeing the show Sunday afternoon. I heard such amazing reviews about the show from people who attended the previous nights. When you hear that a show received a standing ovation every night, you can’t help but be extremely excited. I was very impressed with how well the show turned out. It was so well done, and the acting and singing was impeccable. I only wish I had been able to see the show at least twice. For those of you who missed it, it was really a large accomplishment for the UNH theatre department. It was nice to see so many people involved, whether it was in the show, backstage, or in the audience.

Now, since we are reaching the end of my editorial, the last editorial of the semester, I suppose it’s time to do the usual sentimental part. Thank you to all of our staff writers who have written consistently for us. It’s always nice to see so many staff contribute. I hope that those of you, who are still around next year, continue to write. I also hope that we have some new staff writers in the future as well.

Lastly, good luck to all of the seniors graduating. Matt and I still have one more year here to go. We look forward to working on The Charger Bulletin again next year, since we had so much fun doing it this year. Hopefully you liked what you saw and read. If not, then join our team and help us improve. Enjoy your summer!