Emergency Alert System To Be Tested Today

The Charger Bulletin

A test of the university’s mass notification system will be conducted TODAY between 11:30am and 12:30pm.

The test will begin with a short siren blast (approx. 5 seconds), followed by a 16 second message announcing “this is a test….”.  Approx. 15 seconds later there will be a second 3 – 5 second siren blast followed by a 13 second message announcing “this has been a test…”.

The intent of the mass notification system is to alert people outdoors to an emergency.  It is not intended to alert people inside buildings.  Sound may echo depending on a person’s location, wind, weather etc., so the clarity of the message may differ slightly from place to place.  In the event of an actual emergency additional means of communication, including e2Campus (our early warning text messaging system), an email to everyone on the UNH system and notices on electronic message boards would be utilized to alert people inside buildings.  If you have not already signed up for e2Campus please do so by going to www.NewHaven.edu/campustext.