Elite Step Team Demolishes the Competition at Monsoon’s Talent Competition


Photo by Charger Bulletin

On Friday (Feb. 10) evening, Monsoon Dance Team held their annual competition, showcasing the talent of various organizations including Elite Step Team, W.R.I.T.E Poetry Club and the UNH Dance Team. The evening began by energizing the crowd with lively music courtesy of the popular senior, Brandon Lawrence, also known as “DJ B-Law.”

The secretary of Monsoon, Samara Clark, hosted the evening and opened the competition with a routine performed by Monsoon. “I’m just hoping for a good turnout and a good night,” stated Clark. Monsoon took to the stage in all denim attire and danced to both oldies and newbies from artists such as Outkast and Justin Timberlake.

Nakisha Leonardo, sophomore and member of Monsoon, stated that she was both nervous and excited about the competition. Monsoon had been rehearsing their routine since the beginning of the semester and was ready to take the stage.

Photo by Charger Bulletin

W.R.I.T.E Poetry Club embraced the stage reciting original poems such as “I Am You” by Shakoyah Brown, which highlighted love, betrayal, revenge and pain. Two additional poems entitled: Untitled and Time were performed, leaving the audience with artistic spoken word.

The Uniersity’s Dance Team followed the performance styled in black oversized t-shirts, yellow bandanas and classic Chuck Taylor Hi-Top Converse. They performed to a mix comprised of songs from Beyoncé’s newest album, Lemonade, including a surprising jersey dub remix at the end of the performance.

Elite Step Team soon followed dressed in all black and combat boots that literally shook the house as they moved in sync with one another to their choreographed steps. “We weren’t even aware that this was a competition. We just came to showcase our talent,” stated Mazi Sinclair, senior and member of Elite.  

Elite’s confidence and choreography won the judges over as they placed first, winning the competition and awarded with a trophy. UNH’s Dance Team came in second and also won both Dunkin Donut’s and Starbucks gift cards, as members of their team participated in the mini “Juju-On-That-Beat” contest during the judge’s deliberation.

Kennedy Patterson, sophomore and member of the University’s Dance Team said that the team had rehearsed their routine for 3 months and was very excited to perform.

“The competition was fun, lively and really brings the community together,” stated senior, Donald Scott.

You can see more of Monsoon’s Dance Team at Chargers Got Talent on Sunday, February 19.