Electricity; From Preview to Debut

On Aug. 25, Official Charts took to twitter to announce the confirmation of Dua Lipa’s track release. This was later followed by Lipa posting a short 10 second preview of the video for “Electricity” on Sept. 4, announcing the full release date as Sept. 6.

In the preview video, the camera pans over a table with a lamp, a radio and half a jug of water that Lipa later drinks from. We hear a radio announcer saying, “the city that never sleeps is taking a nap,” which is then immediately followed by a preview of the song. In this short sample we can hear the sound of a piano and an electronic instrument, possibly a synthesizer of some sort. Then the screen switches to a black with the song title, and seconds later the release date of the song/music video. Looking in the background, although the room is pretty dark, it looks like Lipa is in a dining room/living room space allowing natural light from the outside in from the window.

This song is exactly what one should expect from Lipa and Diplo: a dance track. With tracks like “IDGAF” and “New Rules” under her belt, Lipa decided it was time for another one. This one happens to be teamed up with Diplo, (who did tracks like “Where Are U Now” with Justin Bieber and Skrillex and “Elastic Heart” with Sia) Mark Ronson, (who did “Uptown Funk” with Bruno Mars and “Valerie” with Amy Winehouse) and Silk City.

The song has a good use of synths, piano and electronic instruments/sounds. It’s very much a dance track and if you are a Diplo or Lipa fan it’ll be a good listen for a bad day. It’s a catchy song to say the least. Electricity is definitely going to spark a feeling into everyone that listens to it (no pun intended).The lyrics make connections between attraction between two people and currents of electricity.

“I think I’m ready, now. Electricity, I’m falling into you.” With lyrics like these and “this love has no ceiling, I cannot deny,” clearly this song is a wake up call for the guy/girl of your dreams. Electricity is something you can feel it’s an undeniable feeling. Electricity is an everyday resource but in this song it’s also the connection between people.

The video itself starts with a few people talking about a blackout that happened in the city. The radio announcer then comes talking about the blackout and states what we heard in the preview video (“the city that never sleeps….”). As the video progresses, Lipa is in the dark room by herself and starts dancing as she sings. It looks like she’s in a studio apartment, or  warehouse. The lights soon start to flicker, and more cast members begin to appear.

There are two guys stuck in an elevator (Mark Ronson and Diplo) and they’re listening to the song as the elevator has stopped working. As the video goes on you see Lipa in what seems to be a club with a bunch of people dancing and having fun around her. The video ends with mellow music and Lipa laying in the chair she started the video in back in the studio or warehouse building. There are people everywhere just laying down, relaxing with a drummer and a pianist as well, playing their respective instruments as the song dies down. There is also a shot of Mark Ronson and Diplo with flash lights as they are still in the elevator.

It’s nice to get a feel for what’s out there in terms of music. A lot of people were looking forward to this collaborative piece and  surely it met expectations and then some.