Elections Kick-Off


On Monday Sept. 21, 2008, the USGA
elections committee under the direction of Kristina Bensley, USGA Executive
Assistant, held their official candidates meeting. The meeting marked the
official beginning of the Class of 2012 and Class of 2010 elections.

This year the USGA is extremely
excited about class elections as candidates for class officers are now allowed
to have campaign teams similar to those the USGA President and Treasurer
candidates have had in the past. Some candidates have chosen not to create
campaign teams stating that they are trying to play it safe with such strict
guidelines, but the majority of prospective class officers have developed
significant size teams.

Class elections will take place
online via your UNH e-mail from Wednesday, Oct. 1to Friday, Oct. 3. Only those
students who fit into the university’s description of a freshman or junior,
which is based on the number of credits you carry, will receive the ballots.
Please be sure to vote for your class representatives!