Edible Opinions – Mikro

Edible Opinions

For our latest review, we decided to leave the City of New Haven and venture to the land of Hamden, CT.  This is our furthest review at about 20 minutes from campus (less if you know where you’re going). Hamden, like New Haven, has a ton of  ‘hole-in-the-wall’ places that are just dying to see new customers. Mikro is no different.

Even though Mikro is famous for its huge beer selection (this seems like a common trend with us), that isn’t why we decided to go or why we would go again. The menu is constantly changing, which lets you have something new each time you go in. Your pallet will never be bored. Every option on the menu is packed with flavor!

We ordered a few items off the menu. The appetizer we chose was a dish of kettle chips with rosemary and olive oil hummus. It was okay. Rosemary is very strong which made the hummus a little intense. We shared two main dishes: chicken flatbread and their pasta of the day. The chicken flatbread was a great textural experience with very collaborative flavors. Mikro takes a grilled flatbread and places chipotle sauce over it and layers mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken, and red onion over it. Delicious. The pasta of the day consisted of fettuccine, pancetta truffle, basil pesto, asparagus, and peas. At $12 you cannot beat this peppery and light pasta.

What is great about Mikro is that the food doesn’t sit heavily in your stomach. This could mean more room for drinks, but we decided that meant more room for dessert! Our cookies and cream ice cream was covered with peanuts, pretzels, kettle corn, and caramel. It’s a party for any mouth! Collectively it tasted like a candy bar—a very satisfying candy bar.

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

Category: Taproom, unique dishes

Service: Friendly, helpful

Selection: Frequently changing menu

Aesthetics: Unintentionally trendy, seemingly small, cozy, fun

Atmosphere: Friendly, Social