Edible Opinions – Jeffery’s Restaurant

Edible Opinions

With graduation right around the corner, we decided to branch out to a more upscale restaurant choice for a review. Jeffery’s is located in Milford, CT (just minutes from the mall).  The website states, “In the summertime you can sit out on the patio and enjoy the lovely flowers and singing birds. The inside has recently been remodeled, with a fireplace and piano in the lounge,” and we agree. The restaurant is filled with cliché décor, but they don’t come off as pretentious. The only immediate downside is their hours of operation.

We shared an appetizer as well as an entrée, and our bill came to about $45. It may be expensive, but it was worth it. Our food journey started with, “a pair of Maine crab cakes over pear and mango chutney with chipotle and citrus aioli topped with crispy wonton strips.” The cakes were amazing! Our main course was good, but not worth $30. We had, “a combination of jumbo shrimp and lobster meat with a lime crème fraiche and tenderloin of beef with a mushroom bordelaise sauce served with sweet corn potato gratin, garlic broccoli rabe, and haricot vert.” Basically it was their version of surf and turf.

Overall the experience was a pleasurable one. The waiter was with us from start to finish (but not in an annoying way). He greeted us as we walked in, brought us bread, poured our water, made routine check-ins, and was more than helpful. He received a great tip. Everything about this place was extremely welcoming.


Overall: 4 out of 5 stars

Category: Upscale, creative

Service: Friendly, helpful, knowledgeable

Selection: Smaller, unique

Aesthetics: Cliché décor, cozy, welcoming

Atmosphere: Quiet, romantic