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Just Put it in the Pot

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Here’s the scenario:

It’s been a while since your last visit to the grocery store, and you’re quickly running out of food. What do you do? Well, my solution is to just put everything into a pot. Perhaps a crock pot?

The other day, I found myself searching for dinner in the fridge while simultaneously realizing that I had nothing of substance to offer myself. To add to the dilemma, I was feeling extremely lazy. I decided that I would take all of my ‘scraps’ from the last couple of meals and combine them into the crockpot. Now, let’s clarify something… I didn’t throw leftovers in the pot!

What I mean is, I took leftover raw carrots,onion, peppers, frozen green beans, raw chicken, red potatoes, and added them to 5 cups of water along with chicken bouillon cubes. It didn’t turn into a soup, but maybe one could classify it as a stew. Maybe.

This isn’t the first time that I have done something this either! Usually I will cook everything on the stove and pour it over pasta or rice (if no potatoes are present). However you do it, it can be delicious. What I like most about this idea is how experimental it can be. The downside, though, is that I can’t guarantee success for you.

Disclaimer: Individual results will vary.