Edible Opinions

Edible Opinions

By Kait Richmond & Shawn Tremblay

As college kids, we’re always thinking about food, whether it’s experimenting with dorm-friendly recipes or trying to figure out where the healthy options are on campus. So what happens when you move off-campus, and live without a meal plan but with a limited budget? You get creative.

At least that’s what we’re doing. Last semester, we discovered our mutual food obsession that led us to create the blog Edible Opinions. We’ve been talking about recipes, the best (and worst) food brands, and even health news. (Do you know how many omega-3 fats you need? We do!)

To put it simply, it’s pretty much our own food journeys, and what we’re discovering along the way. We’re really excited for our new Charger Bulletin feature to take Edible Opinions a step further. This semester, we’ll be sharing with you tons of interesting facts as well as reviews of restaurants in the area – but no, we are NOT going to TGIFriday’s or any other chains!

We’re looking for places where we can all afford a delicious meal, as well as enjoy everything a local restaurant has to offer. We know it’s hard to believe at first, but New Haven’s food community is incredible and not one to be missed.

Formal introductions have been made, so let’s get started. Not much is in season right now, but maple syrup is about be, and you can get it in New Haven at the farmers’ markets. (Yes, there ARE farmers’ markets in the winter!) Trust us, everything tastes better local, so visit cityseed.org for more information about the markets.

Maple syrup can get you even further than you think, because it’s for more than just waffles and pancakes. For example, it’s delicious in tea or coffee as a replacement for sugar, and what’s more is that it has fewer calories than honey or cane sugar. It’s also worth trying with oatmeal, popcorn, and even vegetables. We did a recent post on maple syrup that goes more in-depth, so visit edibleopinions.blogspot.com for that.

Next week, we’ll have our first restaurant review, with many more to follow. Until then, follow us on Twitter (@EdibleOpinions) or send an e-mail with your suggestions and tips ([email protected]). Happy eating!