Donut Dash Replaces Swimsuit Sprint for Second Year


Nicole Rivera/ The Charger Bulletin

All Participants received a Donut Dash t-shirt.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) hosted their second annual Donut Dash Saturday, Oct. 13 in the Bixler/Gerber quad. Participants paid $5 and received three donuts and a t-shirt, with proceeds going to Children’s Miracle Network, SAE’s national philanthropy.

The dash included more than 70 participants running or walking, around a designated path on campus, while stopping at three pit stops to eat a donut. There were prizes for the winners of the race, as well as prizes for people who participated. In addition to the run, there was music and other activities such as lawn games to keep everyone active and having a good time.

Donut Dash is an adaptation of a past event that SAE held, called the Swimsuit Sprint, where participants would wear several layers of clothing over a bathing suit, and then take all of those clothes off during the run, eventually finishing the run in just a swimsuit. All removed clothing was donated to charity.

“We decided to reinvent the Swimsuit Sprint and thus the Donut Dash was born,” said Matthew Lind, president of SAE. “We had a great first year with the Donut Dash and saw different ways we could improve and capitalize on the event, so we decided to stick with it.”

This is the first year where SAE charged an entrance fee. Last year, they asked participants to donate clothes, similar to the Swimsuit Sprint.

“The Donut Dash is a great fundraising event because our goal is to get everyone involved with this event,” said Lind. “Even if someone is unable or does not want to participate in the run, there are plenty of other ways to get involved during the event and still have an incredible time.”