Don’t let social media ruin college

Caitlin Duncan

Set the scene: it’s Friday night. Your roommates and suitemates are all out. You’re alone, sitting on your bed with a big bag of chips, binge-watching Netflix. Between episodes of Orange is the New Black, you check Instagram. You see a picture of your roommate with a big group of people who look like they’re having the time of their lives. You check your Snapchat story, and see videos from your suitemate of a party. Even Twitter reveals your friends dancing in a club with strangers.

Caitlin Duncan bw

I have a feeling many of you know this scene all too well. Social media is the root of your disappointment and feeling left out, but I’ll let you in on a secret. Those nights are never as fun as they seem.

The next morning is usually filled with regret and embarrassment.

Now how do you avoid feeling disappointed on weekends if you aren’t out with friends? Simple: stay off social media. I know that sounds like a difficult task, but that is the reason you’re feeling left out, so just avoid looking at the constant updates from parties or club that probably aren’t even that fun.

If that seems too hard, here’s what I recommend:

1.Invite friends over for a movie night. Choose a film, send out a group message, but be sure to tell them BYOB, bring your own blankets, and have a fun night in.

2. Look up the Downtown New Haven shuttle schedule. Even if you’re not into the club or party scene, which is perfectly fine, grab some friends and head downtown for the night. New Haven is not all clubs and parties. Go explore what the city actually has to offer.

3.Invite a group of friends to a game. Play soccer out on Kayo Field and tell the losing team they have to buy the winning team ice cream from the C-Store. Pro-tip: it’s even more fun if the lights on Kayo are already turned off.

4.Adventure around the campus. There are lots of places on campus that people don’t know about. Go find them!

5.Take the Boston Post Road. The shuttle goes to the mall so see a movie; just make sure to check when the shuttle stops running so you don’t get stranded.

Instead of sitting in your room on a Friday night, obsessing over your social media accounts, and wondering why you weren’t invited to that party or out to the club, make your own plans. Either use one of my tips or think of your own. College is fun, but only if you make it fun. Trust me, worrying about social media in college will be your downfall. The sooner you learn that, the sooner you’ll have fun.