Don’t Give Up Hope


Sarah Costello

On Wednesday [Nov. 9] morning, Republican businessman Donald J. Trump was announced to be the 45th  President of the United States by winning 62 more electoral votes than Democratic senator Hilary Clinton. The entire day was filled with anger, despair, and depression about our new “oh-so-glorious” president and everything turned to chaos. Riots broke out in the streets, people burned down newspapers stands, and several family and friends become more divided and began to hate one another. It seems that America has hit an all-time low because of us letting politics our lives, but we don’t realize we are the ones who can fix the damage as long as we don’t give up.

There is no doubt that having Trump as scary. Most notably, he has said some nasty things about women, Muslims, and Mexicans among others, and with him being in power, many question if he’ll go through with all of what he said about them. However, it doesn’t mean it must happen, because not all the people of the United States, even Republicans, agree with such treatment, and believe in equality. We have the greatest power to unite our beliefs, and stand by them despite what someone of power might say. Ultimately, it is up to us to stop the hatred that divides us all and unite the country in a way the government cannot.

We don’t have to disown our family or cut off our friendships in real life or on social media simply because some of them voted for Trump. They had their own reasons for supporting him, beyond the ideas of hatred towards women and racial profiling that were legitimate and made he was the country’s best hope. We must learn to respect their opinions and not make a huff about it. We must learn to love each other for our differences and overcome the hate that has continued to separate loved ones. The people of the United States are the ones who must stand up to ones who have power and be a voice to those who are not heard and are ignored. While we are all afraid that terrible things might come to America in the future, we must remember to NEVER give on hope for one another and our nation.

It is the unity of the people and the hope for a better tomorrow that will keep America and thriving. Through our perseverance for a free country where everyone is equal, we can conquer the fear of a possibly dangerous future with us holding onto our personal beliefs. We must accept that hope is still alive and we must fight for it no matter what. To quote famous author and YouTube personality, John Green, “I don’t think hope is idealistic or silly. I think it is the founding emotion of our species.”

If we were built on the emotion of hope and looked to create new paths of equality and happiness for, then we must not abandon it even when the future appears to be bleak.

Hope is not pointless. It will guide up to a better tomorrow where we longer fight over Donald Trump being our president, but rather we fight to shape our nation into one for all of the people to live each and every day in freedom, equality, and preservice.