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The Spring Semester has begun, which means that important financial aid deadlines are quickly approaching! It is necessary for all students to keep track of the dates that specific documents are due, especially the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA must be completed electronically via the Department of Education’s website: The deadline for completion of the FAFSA is March 1st, 2012. FAFSA applications filed after this date will be considered late, and could have a significant effect on the amount of financial aid that you receive. So take a little stress out of your life and file the FAFSA on time!

Not only is the FAFSA deadline fast approaching, but the deadline for all other necessary documents is coming up too. The Financial Aid Office may require several additional documents in order to process each student’s entire financial aid package, such as the 2012-2013 Independent/Dependent Verification Worksheet or the Student/Parent IRS Tax Return Transcript. The deadline for all other required documents to be submitted to the Financial Aid Office is May 1st, 2012. Descriptions of these documents can be found in the financial aid on line system called NetPartner. NetPartner can be accessed by clicking on the “Matrix: Students” link under the drop down bar near the search bar on the UNH website. DO NOT LOG INTO MATRIX!!! On the left side of the page, below the login section, there will be an icon or picture as seen below. Clicking on this icon will bring you to NetPartner. You will need your Student ID number, which is the nine digit number on the front of your Student ID card.

  • If you have already logged in to NetPartner, and you remember your PIN, enter the information and hit submit.
  • If you have already logged in but have forgotten your PIN, click “Forgot PIN” and follow the instructions.
  • If you have never created an account, click “First Time User” and follow the instructions”

Once you have logged into NetPartner, you will be able to view all of the information concerning your financial aid. Familiarize yourself with the website, and check under the tab labeled “Documents” to see if you are missing any documents. NetPartner is a way for students to check the status of their financial aid, even when the office is closed.

Along with the FAFSA and other important documents, the applications for many private scholarships are due during the Spring Semester. Private scholarships can be very helpful to students in need of financial help, and they are often overlooked as a way to pay for college. Private scholarships are different from those given out by the University. They are provided by outside organizations such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, professional organizations, community organizations, and more. In addition, it is important to remember the deadlines for private scholarships. Most scholarships have a deadline between February 1st and April 30th of each year so be sure to send the applications in on time. Therefore, students, take advantage of the private scholarship board located in the lobby of the Financial Aid Office, and be sure to mark the deadlines on your calendar!

The final significant deadline that UNH students should be concerned about are the deadlines for class registration for the Fall 2012 Semester. Each class, along with special groups such as sports teams and honors students, is assigned a specific date and time for Fall 2012 registration. It is important to remember which day you are supposed to register for classes because late registration may result in a student receiving less financial aid. Look for the e-mail that lists the dates and times for each group, and be sure to register on time or ASAP after your date!

Remember: the FAFSA is due March 1st, 2012; all other documents are due May 1st, 2012; the deadlines for many outside scholarships are quickly approaching; and register for Fall 2012 on time! If you write down and remember all of these important dates, you won’t have to stress out about your financial aid. So….Don’t Be Late!!

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