Dine at these delicious restaurants around New Haven

Are you a university student looking for good places to eat near campus? I’ve got you covered. Here is a list of delicious restaurants and food shops in the New Haven area that will be sure to make you a regular customer!
Since the fall of 2005, Goodfellas has been beckoning customers with their Italian cuisine and wide selection of choices made from farm fresh ingredients. Over the years, Goodfellas has hosted famous celebrities such as Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and a few cast members of “The Sopranos.” Each of the separate rooms and floors that make up the restaurant are decorated with themes from “The Godfather.” The movie is softly played in the background while guests dine and enjoy the main attractions.
Cast Iron Chef Chop House and Oyster Bar
Cast Iron Chef is a specialty steakhouse widely known for their skillet cooking and hand cut steaks. In addition to serving a variety of steak, Cast Iron Chef also offers a wide selection of lamb, seafood and duck entrees, along with daily specials served to the guests. The restaurant also offers an open floor plan that allows for maximum seating and a glass wall that provides a direct view of the action in the kitchen. While guests wait to order their food, they can snack on the complimentary seasoned popcorn that is delivered to each table. Cast Iron Chef will knock your socks off with their delicious steakhouse cuisine. It’s pricey, but worth it.
Founded in 1956 by Joseph Abate, Abates restaurant has expanded into a statewide phenomenon, luring in customers with their fantastic Italian cuisine. Abates serves a wide variety of pizzas, pastas and seafood selections to satisfy your palette. The business has recently expanded their catering services, distributing their exceptional food––and it is reasonably priced.
Libby’s Italian Pastry Shop
Libby’s Italian Pastry Shop is a family-owned bakery founded in 1922 located on Wooster Street in New Haven that is next-door to Abates. They are famously known for their freshly baked cookies and savory desserts and it is a staple for the Wooster Street community. They offer a wide variety of cookies and pastries such as coconut macaroons, chocolate chip cannoli, almond crescents and Italian ice.
Currently, Libby’s is getting renovated and open for takeout services only. Don’t be deceived by the renovation signs at the front of the building. Just head to the side of the building where there is a walk-up window to place your order. It’s definitely worth the visit.