Delta Phi Epsilon Crowns A New Deepher Dude


Christina Genovese

Delta Phi Epsilon hosted their fall philanthropy event, Deepher Dude, on Friday, October 14 in

Dodds Theater.

The event is for the national philanthropy, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The foundation is the

world’s leader in finding a cure for the genetic disease that approximately 30 thousand people in

the United States suffer from. Almost all drugs that treat Cystic Fibrosis today were made

possible with the financial support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation receives.

Delta Phi Epsilon goal this year was to raise $10 thousand because they have been on campus for

ten years. Last year the sisters raised over $7 thousand and this year they surpassed their goal and

raised a whopping $11,327.24. The night was full of laughter and excitement and everyone had a

great time whether they were a part of the organization or just there to watch the event.

Deepher Dude is a male beauty pageant where the guy contestants compete to win the overall

title of Deepher Dude. They also have fun celebrating all the hard work and the money that the

organization has raised, and entertaining the crowd with their creativity and talents.

The pageant started off with the introducing of the contestants who did a choreographed dance as

a group to a mix of various songs. The judges were then introduced, one of them being last

year’s Deepher Dude. There were four rounds in the competition, including formal,

creative/theme, talent, and Delta Phi Epsilon/Cystic Fibrosis questions and answers.

Vice President of programming for Delta Phi Epsilon, Kylie Pignotaro, ran the event alongside

the coordinator of philanthropy for Delta Phi Epsilon, Ginnie Paino.

Pignotaro said, “The event was so special because it broke every philanthropy and fundraising

record our chapter has ever had. For a relatively small chapter the amount we raised was crazy!

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation holds such a special and personal place in a lot of sisters hearts,

including my own. To know that we were able to rally the whole school behind us for this cause

was so surreal!”

Shonna Carlson, junior, was a hostess of the event alongside her “big,” Brandyn Cesan.

Carlson said, “It was such an incredible experience to be a part of. I am so proud to be in this

organization and hosting it really showed me why. Not only is it amazing that we raised that

much money, it was amazing that we did it together! Delta Phi Epsilon worked for months

raising money, and we never imagined we would raise as much as we did. So when the numbers

were revealed it was obvious why we were extremely emotional. We are all so close, and Delta

Phi Epsilon brings me so much joy so it was cool to show everyone what we’re all about.”

Sisters of Delta Phi Epsilon participated along with the male contestants as their escorts and

helped them with their various costume changes and performances. Kassie Winchester, a junior,

participated in the event with her friend Rumong Yobech, who won fan favorite.

Winchester said, “Tonight, I am a proud sister of Delta Phi Epsilon. Thank you for everyone who

donated, we could not have done it without you! Ginnie Paino and Kiley Pignataro created an

amazing event. We shared laughs and tears and I can now cross being in Deepher Dude off my

bucket list!”

Sophomore Shelby StClair also participated and said, “Last year as a freshman I watched Delta

Phi Epsilon raise over $7,000 for Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and I realized how much I wanted

to be a part of this organization. Tonight I had the opportunity to participate as a sister in Delta

Phi Epsilon, alongside one of my best friends, Charlie Ricard, to help our organization raise

$11,327 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and surpass my wildest dreams. I’m so proud to be a

sister in this organization and I’m so proud of Kiley Pignataro and Ginnie Paino for making

history. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported Delta Phi Epsilon and the Cystic

Fibrosis Foundation.”

To end the night, the hosts announced which contestants won specialty awards such as fan

favorite, most money raised. Then, the new Deepher Dude was revealed, and the winner was

Michael Swift.

Swift said, “It is an honor to be the new Deepher Dude and I am so proud of the Gamma Epsilon

chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon for raising over $11,000 for an amazing cause. I am looking forward

to an amazing year with an outstanding group of women.”

An all in all great event for a great cause, the sisters are so happy with the success and cannot

wait for what the rest of the year will bring.