Delay in DellaCamera Stadium Lights

Samantha Reposa

The University of New Haven Athletic Department had high hopes of brightening up DellaCamera Stadium this year with the installation of lights around the field. Recently, a rumor has surfaced around the campus community about the cancellation of the lights and questions were raised in regards to the reasoning.

Deborah Chin, the university Director of Athletics, denied the accusations stating that the installation of lights has not been cancelled, but delayed due to the start of the football season.

The general foundation of the lights have been assembled with most of the underground electrical work completed, but the poles were unable to be put up before the season games begun.

Prior to the season, a covering was spread across the turf to prevent any potential damage to the field to give trucks assess. Not wanting to cause damage with no time time to fully fix repairs before the team started playing, the decision of postponing the installation of the polls was put in place.  

“Once the season is done we will move immediately to get the poles up and we should be good to go,” Chin said.

Now with the rumor squashed, Charger fans can look forward to Saturday night games on DellaCamera Stadium next season under the brand new lights.