Defense Chief Calls Obama Analytical

Melanie Rovinsky

Defense Chief Robert Gates told NBC on Sunday, Mar. 1 that he thinks President Obama is “somewhat more analytical” than George W. Bush.

During his interview on Meet the Press, Gates added that President Obama makes sure to hear everyone’s opinions on any given issue. He even goes as far as calling on individuals who have not spoken.

According to Gates, “President Bush was interested in hearing different points of view but didn’t go out of his way to make sure everybody spoke if they hadn’t spoken up before.”

In November 2006, Bush chose Gates to succeed Donald Rumsfeld as U.S. defense secretary. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was also present at the interview. He agreed with Gates’ comment about the president being analytical.

“He’s anxious to get the military’s input to all his decisions,” Mullen told NBC. “The discussions have been broad and deep, and I’ve been very comfortable both with the access and the ability to give that advice.”