Dean of Students Office sends out Wellness Newsletter

On Feb. 9, the Dean of Students Office released the first issue of their Wellness Newsletter. The newsletter will be released monthly throughout the semester with topics regarding “intellectual, mental, physical, emotional, and social wellness initiatives.” Considering February is the month of love, the first issue focuses on maintaining a relationship with healthy behaviors.

The newsletter offered tips from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center on how to ask for digital consent, delving into topics such as texting and sharing photos online. One tip focused on the importance of not sharing intimate photos of a partner without their explicit consent. These tips aim to help students make sure that all parties are comfortable when interacting online, and to protect the trust that a person has built with their partner.

The Dean of Students Office Director of Title IX/VAWA Compliance, Ashley Dunn, discussed the importance of releasing the monthly newsletter to the campus community. The newsletter’s purpose is to create a community based on acceptance and understanding, freeing the university community to experience opportunities that will promote “student learning and personal development,” according to Dunn.

“[The University’s Division of Student Affairs] developed the Wellness Newsletter[s] in an effort to provide expanded information around wellness initiatives,” Dunn said. “Our hope is for community members to reflect on their current wellness practices, learn about new/differing wellness practices, and ultimately to reinforce the importance of holistic wellness.”

On Feb. 13, events were held that highlighted the many topics included in the newsletter. One event focused on understanding the differences between a toxic relationship and a healthy relationship, whilst enjoying a fun game of jeopardy.

Be sure to stay on the lookout for future editions of the newsletter and events that will promote various wellness conversations by the Dean of Students Office. To read the newsletter for yourself, head to the Dean of Students Office’s email [email protected].