D&D Adventurers’ Guild brings adventure and fantasy to the university

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is a fantasy role-playing game of collaborative storytelling, in which players battle creatures, explore landscapes and roll dice to determine their fates.

This popular game originated in 1974 and has continued to grow as players become their characters and take part in this make-believe world. Dice rolling controls the game, determining points and approving or disapproving tasks.

As the D&D website says, “In this fantasy world, the possibilities are limitless.”

The university organization’s average game session hosts about five to seven members along with the Dungeon Master (DM), which lasts three to four hours. DMs schedule and announce game sessions, sometimes hosting up to six per week.

Maya Villeneuve, DM Skillmaster and forensic science sophomore, explained that her job, along with the other DMs, is to run the sessions and to make sure that all participants feel heard, safe and are having a good time.

“My favorite part is having a group of people come together who love creating things and creating stories,” D&D Executive Assistant and English junior Daniela Perez said.

Communications Guild Head and cyber security and networks junior, Killian Meehan, said it is very easy for students to get involved. If they attend two general meetings and one committee meeting, they are considered an active member.

Perez and Meehan encourage students to get involved. Perez, “you do not need any D&D experience,” to come to their sessions. In article nine of their Spring 2021 Constitution, they explain that the Training Guild is responsible for teaching and introducing the rules of D&D to new or inexperienced players.

“You do not have to have any experience with Dungeons & Dragons to come to our meetings. We have had people who have had seven-plus years of experience and people – the first time ever playing the game was with us,” Perez said.

This organization has given Villeneuve the opportunity to better her creativity skills, improve her public speaking and help her learn how to better think on her feet.

She continued on and said, to her, this organization feels like a family. “In general, it’s where most of my friends come from here at school. It is a very tight-knit community, we really accept everyone and just try to be open and have fun with everyone.

Meehan said, “It’s adventures for everyone. If you want to come and try it, there is room for you.”

General meetings are on Sundays at 5 p.m. in Kaplan 104.

Students interested in joining the club can reach out to [email protected].