Dating Game


Christina Genovese

Presented by Twisted Thursday, The Dating Game, hosted by Phi Sigma Sigma and Sigma Alpha Epsilon, on September 15 in Bucknall Theater was a chance for anyone on campus to come hang out with the two Greek organizations and be given the chance to compete to win a date-themed basket.

Following the traditional rules from The Dating Game, there was one contestant up on stage who could not see the participants that were answering their questions. Each round would either have a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma go up as a contestant and have a mix of the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and non-Greek students go up as participants, and vice versa. The participants would have to answer the contestant’s questions in the most flattering way possible to be the last one left and claim the victory of a basket.

Kirsten Cunningham, sister of Phi Sigma Sigma, planned and orchestrated the entirety of the event.

She said, “It was a way for people who aren’t involved in Greek Life to get involved in Phi Sigma Sigma  and Sigma Alpha Epsilon and win some prizes and have fun.”

She wanted to thank everyone that came out to support the organizationsimg_1562

img_1515Connor Lavery, a brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, said, “It’s really good to see a lot of people not from the organizations come out and see that we’re a lot of fun.”

Another brother of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Charlie Ricard, who participated in the event said, “Being my first time participating in this event, I was interested about what would happen and how engaged the crowd would be. So it was pretty cool to see people that were in Greek life and not in Greek life participating.”

People not involved in Greek Life also had fun participating in the event.

Kelsie Pace said, “The Dating Game was very enjoyable and a fun time for everyone and it was cool to participate in.”

Another participant, Bryanna Leone said, “I had a lot of fun participating in the event, I enjoyed going up on stage and getting to answer questions, and I would’ve liked to win a basket but I wasn’t disappointed that I did not win.”

Most participants found the questions hard and embarrassing to answer, which made it hilarious for the audience to watch. Those who answered the questions well enough to not get sent back to their seats empty handed were able to choose from the variety of prize baskets.

At the end of every round, the winner would reveal themselves to the contestant, hug, and take a picture with them. Then they would get to choose a date-themed prize basket. The different types of baskets included a hiking basket full of some fruit and snacks, and some nice water bottles, a movie themed basket full of candy, and a breakfast themed basket that had some baking items.

In the lobby of the theater, there was also baked goods available from Phi Sigma Sigma as a preview of their Midnight Sweets and Treats event that they are set to do in October. There was a great turnout, and everyone got to have a good time and laugh with their friends.

Besides this event being a night of fun and laughter with friends, it really benefited both Phi Sigma Sigma and Alpha Sigma Epsilon. The sisters and brothers of the sorority and fraternity got to come together and other people that are not in Greek life got to have a good time supporting and participating with them.

This was their second annual hosting of The Dating Game, and both organizations have high hopes of continuing to host it annually, so if you could not attend it this time look out for it next year, it’s definitely a night you do not want to miss.