Dating Apps: The New Thing

At the click of a button, we can do anything — from ordering our favorite meals to having groceries delivered to our home.

But this rapid increase in technology has limited human interaction and communication with each other.

Looking for friends to hang with? There’s an app for that. Interested in meeting someone who enjoys your favorite music? There’s an app for that, too. Even for the people who are interested in meeting someone who shares their religious beliefs, there’s an app for that, too. Dating apps have become increasingly popular over the last few years.

No need to go out to a social event to find “the love of your life” or be set-up by friends to meet your potential mate. At the click of a button, or with a simple swipe, you have access to potentially hundreds of love interests. Datings apps such as Tinder, Match, and Bumble have removed the first-date jitters by allowing the first interaction and conversation with the guy or girl of your dreams to be through mobile messaging, rather than in person.As of last year,  84 percent of people use dating apps and all three apps rank in the  top 50 highest-grossing social apps in the Apple Store.

Although, they are popular with users and profitable, is there a sense of self-worth lost in limiting ourselves to meeting someone over the internet? In a study done on college students and their interactions with dating apps, it was reported that most college students who use dating apps struggle with their own self-image and confidence.  Dating apps weakens relationships between individuals, especially when everything becomes a click of a button or a swipe.

University of New Haven student Emily Baker, decided to try out the Bumble dating app. Although, at first it was weird for her, she did not expect to gain anything out of it. However, it lead to her meeting her current boyfriend, who she has been dating for nine months.

“I am very glad I decided to give the app a chance and actually agree to go out with my boyfriend,” she said.

Dating apps have become the norm and, for most part, have had a positive impact. However, they have also had some negative backlash. Dating can be a struggle for people, and for people in college, it can be confusing. But just because dating apps are popular does not mean we all need to use them. You can run into the love of your life by going to the bar, grocery store, or even school events. Not everyone is going to be lucky when swiping left or right.