Crying a Little, But Not Blubbering

Samantha Higgins

If you asked me when I got accepted to UNH if I would spend my senior year as the assistant editor of the paper I would have laughed at you, in fact, I did laugh when it was suggested I apply for this position. I was never confident in my writing and, though I loved it, I hated when people read what I wrote, all I knew about writing was that Rory Gilmore was once editor of the Yale Daily News.

I joined the Charger Bulletin fall of my sophomore year to try to make my writing stronger and put myself out there more. I loved every minute of it. As a staff writer I had the opportunity to interview people on campus and learn more about opportunities and events on campus I had not otherwise heard of, like the President’s Public Service Fellowship, and Up Til Dawn, I also got to write weekly from Prato while I studied abroad. In general, if an event needed to be covered I was willing to step up and do it. I never realized just how committed I was, or how important the paper was to me until last year when I was asked if I was going to apply.

Afterwards I reflected on just how much I had grown to rely on the paper. How the opinion section became my opportunity to rant about things that were bothering me, the news section was giving me the chance to learn new things about campus, so it only made sense that I take the next step out of my comfort zone and apply, it couldn’t hurt, right?

I was so nervous, I never imagined I would actually get it. As a Criminal Justice and Psychology double major, I didn’t feel like the charger bulletin was something people expected me to be a part of, but it’s where I wanted to be. I’ve truly grown to care about this paper during my four years at UNH. When I got the position I was so excited and committed I was reading the binder on how things work for the paper all summer. I’ve grown so much as assistant editor, and it’s been one of my favorite things to be a part of on campus.

It’s come time to say goodbye and prepare for the future, and all I can do is relate to Gilmore Girls and think of Rory graduating Yale and try not to cry as I say goodbye to everything I’m so used to seeing and doing every day. But the new editor and assistant editor of the paper are more than perfect. Glenn is going to bring amazing things to the paper, his dedication this last year made him the ideal candidate for the position and I can’t wait to see how amazing the paper looks next year.   Sam Reposa, the desk is already ready for you. You are going to be an amazing assistant editor; I have complete faith in you and your Crocs. You are going to be wonderful and bring the paper to all new heights. I think you two are a great team.

Speaking of teams, I think the people that are a part of the paper make the experience. Elissa Sanci is all the crazy I am missing in my life. She is the outgoing, laughter that I need while I obsess over the silly things. She makes me laugh when I want to cry. She’s dedicated and so passionate about where she wants to go in her life that I can’t do anything but wish her the best at NYU and expect only the best from her. She taught me that I was way too strict with myself and I needed more fun in my life, and I don’t think she even realized she did it. I don’t think this experience would have been the same without her.

The end of the year is bittersweet, this being the last edition of the paper, the last week of classes, the last Spring Weekend for seniors. It’s the end of a lot and I’m a mess (seriously, I’m blubbering like Luke at Rory’s graduation). I’ve had amazing opportunities at UNH, I’ve made memories that will last a lifetime, great friends that I’ll have forever, while getting an education that I will be paying off for just as long.