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Katerina Sperl

Profiling, by David Owen

Profiling by David Owen


Recommended For: Psychology majors (forensics and others), anyone that is interested in crime solving.

This book includes manila folder-looking pages and tons of pictures, so the readers feel like they are looking through police files. This may be the coolest textbook-like read ever. While some classics like Jack the Ripper and Jeffrey Dahmer are covered, there were also hundreds of murderers I had never heard of. Also, plenty of women were included! Profiling is guaranteed to take even the quickest readers a while to thumb through. While it is very interesting, there is a ton of content. The killers are divided into categories by their signatures: organized v. disorganized, commuters v. marauders, power, anger and retaliation. The 11 chapters, not including an introduction, explain what profilers do and how profiling works. It is worth the time to sift through the entire thing. Everyone can certainly learn a lot of information from this book.