Cram Jam Gives Students a Break

Riley Knebes

With finals week approaching, and the famous mental breakdown threatening to rear its ugly head, the Undergraduate Student Government Association figured it would be a great time to provide a study break for stressed out students.

On Monday, USGA teamed up with Delta Phi Epsilon and Alpha Sigma Alpha for Cram Jam, held in Buckman 120.

Different from Cram Jam last year, this year the goal was to give students a break from all their  studying. With games and snacks, the atmosphere was supposed to be relaxed and a way to take students’ mind off of finals.

Kellie Bundschuh, USGA Senator and Delta Phi Epsilon Pearl Coordinator said that the event was to “come and kind of take a break from finals, and studying, and being stressed out.”

Students could come and go as they pleased throughout the night. It was meant to be a convenient event so that students could go right back to studying when they were ready. Cram Jam was open between 9 p.m. and 12 a.m.

Last year’s Cram Jam event was different than this year’s by encouraging students to bring their work to the event and gave students a place to study together with their classmates. Study tools like sticky notes and index cards were given out to help the students study.

The event last year didn’t produce the turnout that was expected, which was why USGA decided to change the focus of Cram Jam this year.

Bundschuh also reached out to the Gaming Club to provide board games for students to play while on their study breaks for this year.

A big turnout was expected this year, which is why the coordinators booked Buckman 120.