Countdown to Graduation: I’d Rather Forget

With Spring Weekend behind us, the end of the year is perfectly in view. Finals start in a week, most professors are preparing their last tests and projects, and the majority of the student body is settling down for studying, working, and packing. For undergraduate students like me, this is a time to enjoy the last few weeks with friends before summer.  It is a time to pack up to go home with a heavy heart but a smile because next year is just a few months away. But for seniors these last weeks are the time to remember, party, and say goodbye to the University community that has been supportive for four long years.

As a junior, a large majority of the seniors here are my greatest friends. At the moment, I cannot imagine walking down the halls of Kaplan and Buckman without seeing certain faces. I will miss specific voices that permeate from behind certain doors in the Student Activities wing. It saddens me to think of Sheffield without its usual senior shenanigans.

Yet, all I have heard around campus for the last week or so is “twenty six days”.  “Two weeks and I’m outta here.” “Freedom is right around the corner”.  I am thrilled that the seniors are ready to leave; it must be a fantastic feeling to know that your life is about to start. However, some of us have intentions on missing the senior class when it leaves. Some students on this campus want to spend these last few weeks enjoying our time with the seniors and remembering the stories from the past four years; not rushing straight to graduation.

Yes, there may be seventeen days until graduation.  But quite frankly, I am not gushing with the same excitement to see everyone go. I want to enjoy what I have left with those seniors in Sheffield, Student Activities, and classes without a constant reminder of their impending absence.

So seniors: yes, we are all aware that your graduation is right around the corner.  If I can speak for the rest of the underclassmen: we wish you the best in all you do. We all hope that you have the best of luck in the future outside of UNH. But remember as you are counting down the days until the school year ends: some of us would like to enjoy those days with you. Make them count as much as possible!