Cop Out Brings Laughs and Action to Big Screen

Charlie Diguglielmo

The age old dilemma stands before movie-goers time after time. What do I want to see? Comedy, action, drama…there are just way too many to pick from! Well, movie fans, it seems that there is a movie out there for you right now with this past weekend’s release of the new Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan film, Cop Out.

Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan star in the action-comedy Cop Out

The movie takes place in the great New York City. Heroes Paul and Jimmy are detectives for the NYPD working the beat together, case after case, for nine straight years. But things don’t stay like that for long when a drug bust goes south and the two are put on suspension.

This is not good at all for Jimmy, as he needs the money for his daughter’s dream wedding. He decides to get the money by selling one of the most valuable cards in his collection that should receive double what he needs.

Things go south for him once again though when, while trying to sell the card, the store is robbed by the cunning and nimble thief Dave (played by Sean William Scott). Jimmy must go on a long hunt for the very valuable card: a hunt that brings laughter, action, and drama to the screen.

On a scale from one to ten I would give this movie an eight. It was bust-a-gut-laugh-out-loud funny and packed with plenty of awesome gun fights for you to keep your adrenaline pumping. Cop Out is a must see this time of year so if you are looking for a night out and something to do.