Confessions of a Hollister Employee

Katerina Sperl

I have worked at Hollister for a year and a half now, and I can honestly say I love my job. Most of the people are nicer than you may initially suspect.

I have made a bunch of great friends there, and even met my boyfriend there. You get used to the rules about your appearance—like no nail polish and minimal makeup. You even adapt to the strong scent and the dark surroundings. However, there is one thing that will always get a little bit on your nerves and stuck in your head: the music. Any music can get stuck in your head when you keep hearing it on repeat all day long, so I decided to investigate. If the music is played just once at a normal volume, is it just as catchy?

The first song on our playlist happens to be “Here With You.” While all of the employees have thought that it sounds like One Direction, it is actually sung by the little known Asher Monroe. While I found the accompanying music video to have an overdone party boy vibe, the actual song pumped me up more than I expected. I even found myself, dare I say it, dancing! Overall, I might listen to it while I get ready to go out.

The next is an electronic pop remix. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate remixes. That being said, I might be bias when I say I don’t like “Royal Oats (Radial Remix)” by Emil & Friends. However, the lyrics do not support the theme that Hollister is striving for in the first place. “We’re too young to give a damn” just doesn’t sound like what you expect to hear in a store that strives so hard for its wholesome image. While arguments may be made that it supports the laid-back beach vibe, I am far from a fan of this one.

The same may be said about “We Have Love” by Panama. This song is straight up annoying. It just repeats the title again and again. “Relapse” by Blue Satellite and Jhameel is almost the same way. It is repetitive, and the lyrics are strange. I laugh whenever it comes on at work though. Hearing “I hate that mess, I’m keeping it clean” while you fold shirts is kind of ironic.

“Whole Lotta You” by A Rocket To The Moon is my favorite on the playlist. While catchy like all of the other songs, it is much less repetitive than the others. It is a very fun and happy song. The speaking and sound effects in the background enhance the song. Even though it is a little slower than the rest of the songs on the playlist, it is just as high energy. This is perhaps the only song on the playlist that I would pay money to download. It is highly contagious and puts everyone at work in a good mood.

“Taking On Eternity” by Stephen Jerzak and Romance On A Rocketship is repetitive, yet undeniably catchy. It has high energy with a strong beat and romantic lyrics. This is what Hollister is looking for! “You and me, we can be like the movies.” How sweet! There are plenty of short instrumental solos that change up the vibe and allow the song to be less consistent. This is definitely a song to put you in a good mood.

There was only one word to describe my face when I looked up “Say Something” by Austin Mahone: shocked. This kid is really young! However, he also is very talented. The music video, in case you were wondering, is completely adorable. He is in a school passing notes to the girl he likes and dancing like all of One Direction put into one single body. Of course, in the end of the video, he gets the girl.

All of Hollister’s songs proved to be catchy and highly energetic. While some of them were downright annoying, others were actually better than I expected.