Competition Heats Up for RECSports

The Charger Bulletin

WEST HAVEN–The RECSports’ volleyball league has kept the Rec Center’s Monday and Tuesday nights very lively. The matches this week were especially exciting as playoffs are in the near future and teams continue to fight for the win.

The favored sport of the season, volleyball, has three divisions in play: men’s, women’s and co-rec. The competition was fierce for many of the 20 matches played by the different divisions this past week.

The co-rec division winners this week were  Toasty and Team Two Hands winning both games played. The Hot Tamales and Reese’s Pieces each won a game in the women’s division. With lots of time remaining the men’s teams took the court for the final 15 games this week.

The men’s games were close, nonetheless. Four teams managed to pull 3-0 wins for the match. Team Dienasty, How We Doin’, and Puppin’ Suds won a match a piece at 3-0 this week. Acme Roofing is a force to be reckoned with having won all three of their games this week 3-0. So not only is Acme Roofing undefeated in matches, but the team is also undefeated in games. The men’s division also had some closer matches. How We Doin’ and Puppin Suds earned a match a piece at 2-1. Jon’s Lunch came out victorious in both of their 2-1 wins, as well.

The RECSports staff thanks all the teams who came out and played this week. RECSports’ supervisor, Colby Proctor, gives props to the Puppin’ Suds saying, “As always Puppin’ Suds came out displayed good skills and a great attitude.” So, congratulations to Puppin’ Suds, as they are this week’s Participants of the Week.

RECSports’ volleyball, along with the other Season 1 sports has two weeks left of regular play. With some close standings the matches are sure to be riveting as teams try to make it into the playoffs.