Coming Soon: Student Affairs Spotlight!

Isaak Kifle

Hello Charger Bulletin readers! Whether this is the first or fiftieth issue you’ve picked up, thank you for reading! This newspaper is just one of the many services provided to students at the university, courtesy of the Office of Student Activities.


But just where is the office and what else do they do exactly? What about the other offices on campus? Everyone knows that UNH has an Office of Residential Life, but how many people actually know about everything they do on campus? Which office administers the Freshmen Experience Seminar, and which office is located right underneath it?


Maybe you’re a freshmen struggling in your classes and are in need of tutoring. Or maybe you’re an upperclassman that needs help finding an internship or preparing for that nerve-racking interview. And who here even knew that the university has an office that provides diversity resources, or another that provides disability resources?


Sadly, many students are unaware of all the services that this great campus has to offer. But don’t worry; your friends at The Charger Bulletin are here to help! We will be starting a new feature column focusing on the various offices within the divisions of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management. Each week we will “spotlight” a different office and provide you with information on the staff, where you can find the office, what services they offer, and anything else you need to know!


So make sure you pick up the next issue of The Charger Bulletin and read the first edition of the Student Affairs Spotlight!