Comedian: Jordan Carlos

Comedian: Jordan Carlos

This year’s annual Welcome Week ended Sunday (Sept. 3) night in Bucknall Theater, with comedian, Jordan Carlos.

Carlos’ most notable roles have been in Guy Code, Girl Code, The Colbert Report and Friends from College on Netflix.

The show started with some college advice, for example, “get smashed and do some laundry” or “get drunk but call your grandma” because he said if students are going to make mistakes then they should also take some responsible actions.

Carlos interacted with the audience, which led to lots of interesting conversations. Students shared their opinions with him and he gave his input back to them.

Carlos actively gave advice to the audience.

“You can have pockets if you don’t wear leggings. Or just sew a pocket into your active wear. Don’t let lulu lemon tell you how to live your life!,” said Carlos in regards to girls having no pockets.

“The comedian was really funny, and I liked how he engaged with the audience,” said Kelsie Pace, sophomore.

He told students some of what he has been watching on nature channels, and how “we live in a tense world, things are messed up, but at least we have better sex than the humpback whale.”

Students enjoyed talking with Carlos about different areas of the country, since he is from Texas, but lives in Brooklyn, New York now. He talked about what it was like on a recent road trip, and how bumper stickers really show how the country is tense. Carlos mentioned how in a long time from now all of that will not matter anymore, and how if aliens were to take over they would think, “these people wore their feelings on the ass of their car.”  

Every moment of your life leads up to something. Enjoy college so much, S*** is so real when you get out of college, experiment with your minds, your bodies. Do the best you can. Have fun. And f*** up some Yale kids,” said Carlos as he left the audience with some final advice to take throughout their college journey.

“Jordan Carlos was really entertaining and was a great way to end Welcome Week. I especially loved how he interacted with the audience and fed off our energy, it made the show even better,” said Sarah Todoroff, sophomore and student orientation leader.  

Before he left, Carlos took the time to talk with the Charger Bulletin to give his opinion on the University of New Haven.

“I like it, it’s a great school. The students were very attentive, fun, and have a great sense of humor. You guys have serious opinions and I like that,” he said.