College students with cars, is it worth it?  

Everyone doesn’t need a car on campus, but it does give students a bit more freedom of going wherever they want at the drop of a hat. However, having a car on campus can be both a blessing and a curse.

If there is one thing that commuters and students who have a car on campus complain about, it’s parking. Finding a parking spot is much easier said than done. The reality that paying for parking doesn’t guarantee you a spot, is the quick wake up call students receive when they pull into any of the surrounding campus parking lots.

Because no parking spot is a guarantee, leaving early is a must. Students can find themselves dedicating a good ten minutes to scout out a parking spot, but it could be longer depending on the time of day. This is often taken into consideration when picking classes for next semester, since there are specific times during the day where the parking lot is less busy. It’s also difficult if finding a parking spot takes longer than expected because then students are late for class.  It is unfortunate, but it’s the price students have to pay to have the perk of being able to drive around campus.

And that’s not the only price students pay.

Not only is no parking spot a guarantee, but paying for that parking spot is not cheap. Coupled with the price of gas, especially the gas prices in Connecticut, it can take a hit to anyone’s wallet.

Even though there are some cons that come with having a vehicle on campus, for the most part, it does make life easier. Sophomore communication major, Barry Lewandowski, wishes he could have a car on campus and instead has to rely on the shuttle to get him to and from campus.

“As a resident of Savin Court I have to take the shuttle to and from campus, which makes things frustrating,” said Lewandowski. “On the weekends I have to rely on the campus vans, and I have to walk to work because paying for an Uber is too expensive. Having a car at this school makes sense. We’re not close enough to a city to walk places.”

Having a car gives students even more freedom to be able to drive around and explore the local area. You can only wander so far by foot as Lewandowski said, and between bus stops. It might not always be easy or cheap, but it is nice to have a car on campus.