Cold War Kids Return With Second Album

Sara McGuire

Cold War Kids have taken the world by storm over the past three years. Their blues-influenced indie-style rock is refreshing in a world of alternative rock monotony, and the general public tends to agree.

Their latest album, Loyalty to Loyalty, is just what we expect from them and more. Like their previous album, 2006’s Robbers and Cowards, the band delivers the same unique sound, but with more beats mixed in and guitar to create music that can only be described as happy by fans.

A more public-friendly album, the tracks on Loyalty do not disappoint when it comes to the poignant lyrics that we have come to expect from Cold War Kids, but have also combined some key elements from the more generic alternative rock scene already embraced by thousands across the globe. And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Band members Nathan Willett, Matt Maust, Jonnie Russell, and Matt Aveiro have written very unsympathetic lyrics that benefit greatly from Willett’s soulful vocals. Their more popular song off of the new album, “Something is not Right with Me,” is an obvious example. The song is a fast-paced masterpiece with a catchy beat that basically depicts hysteria, but in such a punchy way, it’s hard to sit still while listening. Like much of their music, it’s a clear declaration expressed with such a convincing tone that it comes across as though lead singer Nathan Willett wants to tell someone off but in a rather eloquently-phrased manner.

Other songs off of Loyalty to Loyalty that are worthy of praise include “Every Valley is not a Lake” and “Relief.” Both combine the band’s style with synthesizers and more of a rock-and-roll sound while still reaching down into the soul to pull forth meaning that the band’s lyrics are successful at conveying.

All in all, this album is great. Cold War Kids are commonly associated with their 2006 hit, “Hang Me Up to Dry,” but the songs from the new album go beyond topping their previous work. My suggestion to you is to give it a shot. It’s not your average music and they can be an acquired taste, so listen first. Visit any music store and preview it if you can. Odds are you won’t be disappointed.