Coach Rossomando Leaving for CCSU

Chris Schnabel

In 2007, Pete Rossomando came back to the University of New Haven to serve as the head coach of a team that was just getting back into form. Football had not been at UNH since 2003. Rossomando was the man that was set to bring it back, and he definitely delivered.

Photo Provided by Charger Athletics
Photo Provided by Charger Athletics

Rossomando helped UNH to three straight NE-10 conference wins (2010-2012), held a record of 42-13 and was voted Coach of the Year in 2012. Now, he is expanding his horizons and taking on new challenges as he has accepted a head coaching job at Central Connecticut State University after five years with the Chargers. A new coach should be named soon, and updates will be provided once that information becomes available.

“He’s going to a division one program” said Athletic Director Deborah Chin about Rossomando leaving. “The goal of all coaches is to professionally grow and coach. Rossomando did a great job for us… we’re all rooting for him.”

With a new coach, many suspect a whole new staff to be brought in as well, which is the usual case since new coaches like to bring in people they can trust.

“The coaching staff will greatly change with Coach Rossomando leaving for Central Connecticut,” said assistant head coach Jon Leible, “I would expect they try to keep a few of the guys on staff right now for some continuity.”

“Anyone that is interested [in returning] will interview with the new head coach,” stated Chin.

When asked about Rossomando leaving, Chin had nothing but kind words to say about the departure, stating they left on good terms and that he “he accomplished some things that’s just really unheard of in football.”

Rossomando’s departure comes at a tough time for the Chargers, as national signing day is right around the corner and it’s hard to get players interested in coming to a school with no current head coach.

“Whenever you lose your coach two weeks before signing day, it definitely doesn’t help recruiting,” stated Leible, “but here on the division II level, a lot of times it’s a wait and see game anyway to see if a recruit gets that division I offer. And most of the time when he doesn’t, then they come to us, so I don’t think it hurts.”

Leible also went on to say in the programs “heyday” (or before football was dropped) they had many great coaches like Tony Soprano who went on to coach the Miami Dolphins to the playoffs in 2008, and Mark Whipple who is the all-time wins leader in Charger history. “So there’s no reason they can’t do it again,” Leible concluded.

Leible is currently exploring his coaching options.

Deborah Chin stated that they have talked about his coaching options before, so this was not something that came out of nowhere. “We talked about how they were interested in talking to him about the position and I said I certainly understand that,” stated Chin. “In athletics, we’re used to this. Coaches move on to professional opportunities and we all understand that.”

Rossomando could not be contacted for questioning.