Chi Kappa Rho’s 48th Annual Fashion Show

Elyse Von Der Fecht

Chi Kappa Rho had their 48th annual fashion show on Wednesday, March 13, in the German Club in honor of the Virginia M. Parker Scholarship. XKP raised a great amount of money towards the scholarship. There were two hosts, Jess and Dana, who made the show very entertaining and enjoyable to watch. There were four judges for the competition: Brian, Jamie, Dillon and Shelissa. The theme of the fashion show was “Beauty and the Geek.” The contestants had to share with everyone their “nerdiest” talent.

Photo by Liana Teixeira

The first team that came onstage was AJ and Anthony. They definitely knew how to get the crowd started as they went backstage to change into tank tops, short black shorts and Uggs. Everyone in the crowd could not stop laughing, as they performed a variety of dances. AJ and Anthony made the performance exciting and the crowd went crazy.

The second team to go onstage was Michael and James. They were dressed as nerds. They danced to “Jump on It,” “Cha cha slide,” “Macarena,” and left to the melody of the movie Titanic. James walked down the runway with Michael held by his pants up above his head. This display of strength definitely impressed the audience.

The third team to hit the stage was Brian and Chris. The one thing that stuck out about them was that they depicted “cool” nerds. As Chris went down the stairs to the runway, he fell down, but quickly stood up and brushed it off. As they finished their performance and walked back toward the stage, audience members could finally see that they both had “kick me” signs on their backs. Brian was handed a guitar and they started to sing a song, as the crowd cheered them on.

The fourth team consisted of Donald and Connor. As they both came onstage, Connor was dressed as Harry Potter and Donald was in an Albas Dumbledore costume. They both had broom sticks and pretended to fly away. The songs they danced to were, “Drop the Bass, “Call Me Maybe,” “Harlem Shake,” and many more. As they headed off stage, they handed the judges flowers.

The fifth team to go on was Joe and Nicole. Joe was dressed as Waldo and Nicole was dressed as a rock star with a guitar. As songs played, they both jammed out on their guitars. “Waldo” was having a blast; every time he went off stage he would disappear and then reappear. They left to the song, “Eye of the Tiger.”

The final team of the night was Cameron and Collin. They both entered with books and calculators, showing that they were book-smart nerds. The song they danced to was, “Kung Fu Fighting,” whilst doing karate. They took it very seriously, until Cameron “hit” Collin and he fell to the ground.

That concluded the talent part of the fashion show. As the audience awaited for the second half, the 5678 Dance Team did a routine. Afterwards, there were prize giveaways which included a travel coffee cup, a $10 UNH book store card, $15 iTunes card, $15 Spencer’s card and a $25 Rue 21 card.

The second part of the fashion show was the beauty competition. First up were AJ and Anthony, one of whom dressed as a girl with fake hair and pants with suspenders on. Second, were Michael and James, who both were in black suits. James took off his jacket, and the crowd went wild.

The third group, Brian and Chris, also dressed in suits. Next, Connor was in a white shirt and Donald was in a dark blue shirt. Judge Dillon commented that Donald was the only one who had on sneakers. Fifth were Joe and Nicole; he was in a black suit and she had a white and black dress on. Last but not least, Cameron and Collin both wore suits, as well. All participants showed their dapper sides in this portion of the fashion show.

After, Jess and Dana called all the groups on stage to take a bow and they were given a round of applause for their hard work. The audience was told that it was their job to tell them who deserved first place by applause.

At this time, the rest of the prize giveaways were given out which included $25 Applebee’s card, $25 Best Buy card, $25 Buffalo Wild Wings card, $25 Amazon card, $50 Shell Card and an iPod Nano.

Winners of the 48th Annual Fashion Show where awarded by third, second and first place. The third place prize of a $25 Dunkin Donuts card went to Chris and Brian for raising the most money ($125). Second place prize of a $50 Applebee’s card went to James and Michael for best talent. First place winners, Connor and Donald, were given a $100 Olive Garden gift card.

For yet another year, the Chi Kappa Rho Annual Fashion Show proved to be a success.