Chi Kappa Rho Hosts Annual Fashion Show


Chi Kappa Rho hosted their Annual Virginia M. Parker Fashion Show, on Thursday (April 20) in the German Club, this year with a Disney theme. XKP spends all year raising money for the Virginia M Parker Scholarship that goes to a female in need that qualifies for money and financial aid. It goes to any female at the University, not a sister, and gives them an opportunity to continue their education at the University of New Haven.

“We are really excited that this is our 52nd year doing it, and glad we can continue doing our oldest tradition,” said Breanne Monderewicz, Fashion Show Chair, and Executive Assistant of XKP.

The fashion show judges were last year’s winners, the USGA President, AGC President, and an alumni sister of Chi Kappa Rho. The hosts of the evening were Randi Trinidad, and XKP’s current BRHO Adam Petri. The pair was dressed as Minny and Mickey, keeping to the theme of the show.

“I love this organization, I love our theme, I love all these girls, and I am so excited for this fabulous night,” said Sarah Todoroff, a new sister of XKP.
The show consisted of two rounds for the four competing pairs. In the first round, the couples went down the runway as Lady and the Tramp, Boo and Sully, Belle and Chip, and Sven and Kristoff. The couples played theme music from their specific movies and answered questions from the judges about everything from their favorite quotes to what they hope to get out of the competition.

The first round was followed by an intermission, which featured performances from the 5,6,7,8 Dance Team, Pineapple Johnny’s Improve Comedy Club, and the sisters of XKP, who performed a montage of Disney movie songs.

The second round followed, featuring the pairs doing lip sync battles with songs and scenes from their specific movies. When the round was over the judges went to decide the winners while the hosts asked the pairs why it was important to raise money for scholarships for students at the University of New Haven.
“Education is super important, and it’s good to give back to those who need it,” said Katie O’Connor as Belle.

“The little monster children need to go to school to help make the world be better, and same for the human children in the human world,” said AJ Saccomagno as Sully.

“Going to college opens so many doors so you don’t have to be ice picking like me,” said Ben Thomas as Kristoff.

“It’s very important to give people the opportunity to better themselves,” said Corbin White as Tramp.

Then it was announced which pair raised the most money, and the winners were Emmi Silver and Saccomagno as Boo and Sully, who also ended up winning third place overall. For second place, it was as Sven and Kristoff and the first place winners were O’Connor and Liz Rourk as Belle and Chip.

“It’s really exciting because I’ve been to this show the last 2 years, and to be a part of it was really awesome. And being able to support XKP,” said Rourk.

“I think the cause is super important and I love Disney, and I’m happy to be able to support such an incredible organization,” said O’Connor.

By the end of the night, the total amount of money raised from fundraising before and during the event was $652.76.

“I thought the show was really successful this year and that the contestants all did a really great job,” said Meg Savilonis, faculty advisor of XKP.