Check out These Homegrown 88.7 WNHU Podcasts


Photo courtesy of Lindsay Giovannone

Outside of Celentano Hall, leading to the WNHU building, West Haven, Dec. 5, 2021.

Podcasts give listeners the opportunity to learn about topics that people may never hear about otherwise. Students at the university have recently had the chance to create their own podcasts about any subject they’re passionate about. Here are a few student-led podcasts to check out, all of which are currently available on Spotify and broadcast on 88.7 WNHU.

The Dr. Z and J-Dub Podcast

This podcast is hosted by athletic director Sheahan Zenger and faculty member JW Stewart. It features interviews with student athletes, coaches and faculty members. Zenger and Stewert bring on several guests and former athletes such as David Beckerman and Matt Chamberlain who talk about their experiences, whether it’s playing sports or working in the sports industry. If you’re into all things sports and athletics, this is the podcast for you.

Food Bubble

Nutrition student Allison Sammartano hosts the “Food Bubble” podcast with the hopes to educate listeners on proper nutritional habits so they can keep their bodies healthy. The first episode discusses the basics of nutrition and essential macro and micronutrients such as fats, carbohydrates, simple sugars and more.

The Grey Area

This podcast serves as a teaching tool for the UNIV 1141 class, which is a required course for all incoming university students. It covers topics like diversity, equity and inclusion. It is hosted by faculty coordinator Patrick McGrady and junior Homeland Security & Emergency Management major Syd Meyers. Their goal with the podcast is to help students develop active listening skills and truly understand what they hear.

Crime Bistro

Sophomore sport management major Anna Dinino took it upon herself to start her own true crime podcast from the comfort of her own home. With new episodes dropping every Thursday, Anna covers many true crime mysteries and conspiracies such as the death of Princess Diana, The Zodiac Killer and the disappearance of Brandon Swanson. Anna also starts each episode by sharing what type of coffee she’s drinking that day. If you are a true crime fanatic, or just need something to listen to while enjoying a cup of coffee, definitely check out this podcast.