ChargerConnection is not Facebook

Joann Wolwowicz

With ChargerConnection up and running, my doubts about the system have been erased. As with any new system, it takes a little bit to get it fully operational, but as the semester has continued, I see more and more I like about the system. As students asked for, the amount of emails you will be receiving from clubs and organizations will drastically be decreased, because now, everyone can post their events and flyers on ChargerConnection. Important forms and paperwork for USGA can be found in one place, and already you can submit your complaints about certain aspects of UNH through the system. All it will take is a little getting used to.

Mind you, because this is the first semester it’s up and running, there are still going to be some minor issues, but they are getting resolved. But my issue with the system does not stem from the system as a whole. It involves all of the students of the university and how they are using the new system. Because ChargerConnection now has become a student’s cocurricular transcript, the system will create a list of organizations of which you are an active member of. This transcript can follow you outside of college, and it can be an accurate representation of your involvement on this campus your four years here.

Now here’s where some students are taking advantage of the idea. On ChargerConnection, you can ask to “join” an organization to add it to your transcript. By clicking the “join” button, this signifies that you are an active member, have paid your dues, and participate by going to meetings and events. However, some people have gotten “click” happy. There are numerous students, and I’m sure any club or organization president can attest to this statement, that have overused this “join” an organization feature, especially by asking to join organizations they have never been a part of. This isn’t Facebook, and it’s different than just “liking” an organization. It’s meant to serve as an official listing of your involvement, not your attempt as looking more involved than you actually are.

With that being said, if you are one of those people asking to join many organizations you do not contribute to, please stop adding organizations to your list. If you wish to actually be a part of something, go to that organization’s meetings and events and contact the e-board with questions as to how to become a member. Also, if you are on the e-board of a club or organization with the ability to accept or decline people on ChargerConnection, please try to not accept everyone just to bolster your numbers. It’s not fair to the club to have a long roster full of people who are only members in name and not actively participating.

Just remember, ChargerConnection is meant to organize all club information: events, rosters, flyers, etc. It is not Facebook. If you want to just “like” an organization, like them on Facebook, not on ChargerConnection. This is not the place for that, nor should it be. It’s a system that was set up to make things easier. You have no business being on the list for an organization, if you are not an active participant, so do not be offended when you are denied for the roster. This is how the roster system is now going to work.