Charger Sports Spotlight: Nahtali Simpson


Photo courtesy of Lismarie Pabón

In photo: Tali Simpson

Tyler Garnett, Contributing Writer

Nahtali “Tali” Simpson is a junior music and sound recording major on the softball team with hopes to one day be involved in the music industry as an artist or a manager. She is a middle infielder who mainly plays second base but also can play outfield.

Simpson has been playing softball for 11 years with her last three years on the varsity team at the University of New Haven.

Growing up, Simpson played soccer, basketball and tennis. One day, her friend joined a summer travel softball team, inspiring Simpson to try out as well, ultimately making the team.

Simpson said that her favorite part of being on the school team is “meeting different people. I joined late my freshman year since I walked on so I didn’t know anyone yet. Everyone quickly welcomed me to the team and now they will be a part of my life forever. We have become a family.”

All of her favorite memories from being on the school team include traveling with her teammates on the bus. Between Simpson not playing much her freshman year and last season being cut short because of COVID-19, being able to bond with her teammates on long road trips was a fun experience for her. “Last year we were able to go to Florida so that was a fun trip because we got to go to Disney and my freshman year we got to go to Tennessee where I have never been.”

Even though Simpson and the softball team were recently able to travel for a game, she said it is not the same because of COVID-19. She said that if there is one thing the pandemic has taught her, it would be to “not to take anything for granted. I know people say it a lot but you don’t truly get it until something is taken away from you.”

Simpson is happy to be able to get back on the diamond and play softball for the first time in over a year after almost not having a season at all. Her personal goal this year is to try to have the most stolen bases in a single season. She is also taking in every moment because she knows that everything can quickly change. Simpson is happy to be able to play softball again with the Chargers, who are currently 16-4 and fighting for first place in the NE-10 softball standings which, according to Simpson, is the “cherry on top.”