Charger Sports Spotlight: Daniel Labrie

Tyler Garnett, Contributing Writer

Daniel Labrie is a freshman mechanical engineering major on the university’s track team who hopes to one day design and invent new cars. If there is one word that describes Labrie as a competitor it would be “fearless.” He is not afraid of the physical pain that comes with training hard and his events and is up to any challenge that running may bring.

Labrie participates in different events including the 400, 600 and 800 meters and the mile run.

Labrie first got involved with track during his freshman year of high school. He used to play soccer but realized it was not the best fit for him. Labrie’s dad had wanted him to participate in a sport and Labrie said “since I am not tall I realized I could not do basketball so my Dad said I was going to run.” Labrie was on the fence at first because he never understood “how people ran for fun” but as soon as he started, he fell in love with it.

Since coming to the University of New Haven, Labrie attributes his love for the sport to his track teammates. He said, “I am extremely close with everyone on the team and between practices and meets I have gained a sense of family and closeness with the team.”

Labrie is currently in season and his main goal for this semester is to get back to the level he was at in high school. Between quarantine and lockdown, he had fallen behind in progress; now, Labrie wants to get back into the swing of things.

One of Labrie’s favorite memories from high school is running the four by four relay and how loud the crowd became as soon as the race began. He is a graduate of Union Catholic High School where track was the main sport for the school, meaning every meet was intense. “The feeling of being on the four by four at the end of the meet for a conference championship and you’re leading off and hearing everyone scream and having the entire stadium rumbling,” Labrie says is like no other.

Labrie hopes that the pandemic will settle down, so that he may experience crowds like that again at college. If there is one thing this pandemic has taught Labrie it would be to “enjoy the little moments and enjoy being in the moment as well. The world is constantly changing so enjoy it while it lasts.”
Besides COVID-19, making his transition to college has been fairly challenging. Labrie is grateful for the opportunity and is excited to continue improving on track and making more lasting memories at the school.