Charger Recreation Classes


The Recreation center has many amazing free fitness classes to take everyday of the week. I highly recommend all students to take advantage of them.

Here is a list of a few classes that are available to take:

Zumba- Dance class with high energy motivating music, unique moves and combinations.

Dance and Define- Ballet and modern dance class that helps strengthen and define your muscles.

Kick Boxing- Kicking and punching your way to burn calories, increase endurance, strengthen and build lean muscle.

Absolution- Twenty minute class that focuses with exercising the core and abdominal area to improve its stability and strength.

and many more

Schedules and more details on all of the classes are listed in the Fall 2009 Campus recreation magazine.

Magazines are located on the stand in the entrance, or in the weight room upstairs. If they aren’t there, ask for one at the check in desk and pick one up today, or anytime you enter the Rec Center.