Charger Bulletin introduces The Charge-Up


There’s a new sports talk show coming to New Haven: The Charge-Up. The Charge-Up is a show hosted by the Charger Bulletin, about University of New Haven athletics. The show is published every Monday. Hosting the show is senior sport management major James Cassidy, with a panel of junior sport management majors Erik Nybro, Chris DiGeronimo, and Devon Maida. On the show, the four of them discuss the past week’s games played by the Chargers. They include stats, game analysis, and hot takes on the biggest Charger sports stories of the week.    

Glenn Rohrbacker, Editor in Chief of the Charger Bulletin, said, “It started with the idea that I wanted a more prominent student voice on Chargers sports. I approached Chris [DiGeronimo] about it as we’ve made it a focus to cover more Charger sports in general and he thought it was a good idea. I approached Wayne Edwards, who worked in sports broadcasting for over 20 years because I knew he could help us make it successful.” 

The one who got the ball rolling on the idea was DiGeronimo, sports editor of the Charger Bulletin. He recruited Cassidy, Nybro, and Maida and they immediately jumped on board.

“We got the idea to start the show because we wanted another way to expand The Charger Bulletin’s outreach on campus to include athletics. We had already had Charger Bulletin News up and running, so we wanted something that could duplicate that success. Glenn approached me with the idea. He knew of my ambition to dedicate The Charger Bulletin sports section to Charger sports, and what better way to do that than to broadcast what was being written in the paper into a full- blown production,” said 

DiGeronimo. “We hope to interview both players and coaches in the future. I really think the sky’s  the limit because there is nothing like it on the market right now. It is really unique, and we will strive to bring coverage to New Haven fans everywhere… There is nothing holding us back.” 

You can watch the Charge-Up Monday evenings online at, under the “Sports” tab, or through other various digital streams of The Charger Bulletin, and now on Instagram, @chargerbulletinsports.