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Phoenix calls it quits
Joaquin Phoenix has retired from acting-to focus on his music. Yes, music. I know you’re confused so let me rewind. Joaquin Phoenix, member of a major acting family and certainly rising star, is trading in his scripts for sheet music.

The actor, 34, announced the big news on Saturday night, Nov. 1 at the premiere of his “last film” Two Lovers.

“Why music?” you may ask. Well, Phoenix learned to play the guitar on the set of Walk the Line, when he played music legend Johnny Cash. Maybe the idea of becoming a music legend himself is what motivated Phoenix to make the industry switch. Whatever the reason, I can predict that it will be the worst decision ever made in his career. No Academy Award nominee should ever resort to a music career. Doing it on the side is one thing (Bette Midler pulled it off). But “retiring” from acting completely is just plain dumb. Now, when he comes crawling back, the media are going to rip him to shreds and the public will be super critical of his new work.

I guess the best I can say is good luck in your future endeavors, Joaquin. We will miss you.

Lil’ Wayne dies
Just kidding! Fans were duped this weekend when a fake BBC News web site claimed the rapper was shot six times early Saturday morning. The shooting was supposedly tied to the popular gangs, the Bloods and the Crips.

Perez Hilton popped the bubble when he posted on his own site that the rapper is still alive. So for those of you that were hoping for the latest Tupac or B.I.G., you’ll just have to wait a while longer.

Someone needs to save Heroes
The NBC hit Heroes may not be a hit anymore. Two of the show’s co-executive producers were fired this week after its third season has been answered by decreasing ratings. The show hit a low point during season two when the writers’ strike cut the season short and put the storyline way off track.

The two writers, Jesse Alexander and Jeph Loeb, supposedly ran day-to-day production, according to Variety, which is where the story broke first. Executive producer Tim Kring is supposedly still on board.

As a Heroes fan, I’m so upset by this news! So what, the plotlines have been intense and a little wacky his season. True, every single character is suddenly evil (besides Sylar that just likes to flip-flop between good and evil every five minutes). And of course the world might end in a few months. The bottom line is that America will not be the same without Hiro’s adorable determination or Claire’s whining. Hang in there Heroes! We need you!