Samantha Mathewson

Photo Provided by CCTIP

The University of New Haven has seen many changes and growth in many aspects around campus. One way to promote growth around campus is to get involved and be a part of spreading the word of expansion through the grape vine.

Avery Appleton, the Vice President of a new campus organization called the Coalition to Combat Trafficking in Persons (CCTIP), along with his organization is fundraising a 5K race coming up on October 5th.

Their group is partnered with an NGO called Global Sentry Group and 50% of all the proceeds from the run will go to them.

CCTIP was recently established by Dr. Timothy Palmbach last spring. The purpose of this organization is to promote awareness, provide education, and raise funds to directly support efforts to combat the issue of human trafficking worldwide. Members facilitate investigative and operational efforts of the Non-Governmental Organization known as “Global Sentry Group” in its mission to dismantle the networks of the modern human slave trade. In other words, students are offered the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with a legitimate organization in a variety of fields depending on the students’ field and interest.

“Our work as a group is split pretty evenly between this hands on work and fundraising activities. Half of all our generated money goes directly to fund missions organized by Global Sentry Group. We have confirmation from the organization’s founder and president, Jeff Blom, that the money is to be used for field operations, not administrative purposes. This way, individuals who contribute monetarily can be sure that they are having a direct impact in the fight against human trafficking,” said Appleton.

More information regarding the target nations where missions are scheduled to take place, as well as more information to educate participants on the definition, extent, and potential remedies for trafficking will be announced.

Support the cause by signing up to attend the run!