These things got me through college

As I bid the University of New Haven adieu and prepare to roll all of my belongings out of a dorm for the last time, I wanted to make a list of my favorite things that got me through my time as an undergraduate student. These will definitely be following me to graduate school.

Matcha Lattes

For the record, I was on the matcha wave way before everyone in 2022. My matcha journey started in 2017 and I still love it. This was long before Dunkin had them and they were all over social media. I had to endure questions like “Why is your drink green?” and “What is that?” My point is I’m not mentioning it to seem trendy. Matcha has been a must for me to get work done for a while and I can’t see it ever leaving my routine. It has the perfect amount of caffeine to get me through an assignment, but not enough to keep me up all night.

Vision Boards

How I love a good vision board! I am someone who loves to plan everything out; it’s a part of my goal setting process. Motivation comes and goes, but what better way to make sure it stays a little longer than cut-outs of all of your biggest dreams and aspirations? It’s a reminder of what you’re working for. I like to keep mine on my desk.

Monthly Planner

I think monthly planners are often overlooked, but they are a lovely resource if you know how to use them. I write every assignment in the area designated for the due date and put a little box next to it so I can check my assignments off. I’m a visual learner and I’ve figured out that this is the best way for me to be aware of how close a deadline is looming and whether I have completed the assignment yet.

The Center for Student Success

As a first-generation student, there were a lot of policies and processes that were new to me, so the Center for Student Success (CSS) has been a life-saver for me. I’ve utilized the CSS for just about any inconvenience I’ve experienced, and they always point me in the right direction. Whether it’s academic advising, a possible major switch or class registration, I’ve found the CSS to be one of the best resources on campus.

I am grateful I discovered these tools over the past four years; these are all the helpful resources that would make school so much harder for me if taken away. I encourage you to give these things a try if you’re struggling with finding your go-to academic aids and strategies.