Asian American Student Union hosts their first Pop-up Shop


Photo courtesy of Charger Bulletin/Sadara Funches.

The AASU e-board, West Haven, April 7, 2023.

The Asian American Student Union (AASU) hosted a Pop-up Shop this past Friday, offering students a calm, yet exciting way to spend their evening. Live entertainment, crafts and the opportunity to learn about Asian cultures were offered to students at the event.
Origami flowers hung from the entryway of the Alumni Lounge, establishing the wondrous mood as people checked into the event. An origami table was stationed right next to the decorated entrance where students followed instructions to make their own origami creations.
Students also had the opportunity to practice calligraphy on wax paper using a brush and ink. Participants wrote out the symbols for flowers, March and spring and were even able to learn how to spell out their own names. Paper instructions showed the order of strokes to make so they can have an accurate replication.
Attendees who wanted to learn more about mythologies from various Asian cultures could stop by the table hosted by the Mythology Club. A presentation was available for students to flip through and learn about Asian folk tales and stories. Stickers were also available to pick up as well.
More memorabilia were offered for students to take pictures with, which many took advantage of. There was also a prize table where students could enter a raffle to win cool items ranging from candy to stickers.
Jason Wu, a senior business management major and AASU event coordinator, ran the prize table while expressing excitement about the event. Wu said that he wanted “everybody [to] just come out and enjoy themselves,” especially with the hopes of making this an annual event.
Tabling was not the only highlight of the evening; Abigail Chang, a graduate cellular and molecular biology major and secretary of AASU, introduced two dance groups to hype up the crowd.
Up first was Incendio Dance Project, which brought out six members, three of whom wore blue flare dresses while the other three wore black leggings and shiny, black shirts. All wore heels and partnered off into three duos, pulling off a phenomenal and well-coordinated dance routine.
The next group was the Chargers K-Pop Dance Crew wearing purple shirts paired with white pants and shoes. They formed a line and spread out in a smooth form once the music started pumping. Strong coordination was displayed through the collaborative dance moves that conveyed amazing chemistry between teammates.
After the performances, attendees were able to return to walking around and mingling with other AASU members, marking the end of a great event.