New coordinator of leadership excited to assist students grow into bigger roles

When most students think about getting involved on campus, that might translate to joining a few Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) early in your collegiate career and potentially holding an executive board position as an upperclassman.The new coordinator for leadership, diversity and inclusion at the Myatt Center and the Center for Student Engagement, Leadership, and Orientation (CSELO), Timothy Prince shattered these expectations as an undergraduate student and shared he is a proud Virgo.

Prince graduated from the University of Bridgeport in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in human services and psychology, where he accumulated an impressive resumé from campus involvement. He served as a peer mentor and orientation leader, president of their gender & sexuality awareness club, captain of the step team, public relations chair for their student government and worked for the university’s Dean of Students Office and Office of Residential Life.

With the sheer number of leadership positions that Prince held during his time in college, it is not surprising that he was scouted for a position in student affairs soon after graduating.

“Khristian Kemp[-Delisser]… actually used to work at my institution and was almost like a mentor for me when I got into the field,” Prince said. “So when the position opened up, Khristian was like, ‘This position would be really good for you, especially as you’re coming out of college.’”

As the coordinator for leadership,diversity and inclusion, Prince assists in planning the First Year Leadership Experience (FLEx) and Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR), oversees the Board of Multicultural RSOs and offers leadership skill-building opportunities.

The aspect of his new role which most enticed him to join our university community is fostering student engagement.

“Seeing students come in as first-years, not really sure how they’re going to fit in [or] how they’re going to acclimate,” he said. “And then seeing them contribute to campus, seeing them involved in clubs and going to events is really fulfilling to me.”

Prince wants students to not only strive for and hold leadership positions, but to grow within them.

“I really want students to be more confident in their leadership positions,” said Prince. “When you get to that last stage [as a president], there’s nobody else you can turn to but yourself so you really get to learn a lot more about yourself… [which leads to] really good transferable skills for resumés in the future.”

Prince is looking forward to becoming more ingrained in the campus community and is excited for students to view him as a resource.