Incendio Dance Project gets people moving at “Step Up or Step Out”


Photo courtesy of Charger Bulletin/Charlotte Bassett.

Students at the Step Up or Step Out event, West Haven, Feb. 24, 2023.

Lights were dimmed and music pounded the walls of the German Club this past Friday during Step Up or Step Out. Incendio Dance Project’s (IDPs) dance party was successful when university students steadily streamed in during the first half hour.
Admission into the event was $2 for New Haven students and $5 for non-students and alumni. Commissions were collected and donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand, an American pediatric cancer charity.
When holding an event for charity, having a lot of foot-traffic and a good number of guests can make the event a success. “We figured the best way to get people to come out is to have a party scene,” said Katya Rodriguez, a senior criminal justice major and vice president of IDP. The party scene on campus served as a different kind of Friday night function and an opportunity for students to donate to a great cause.
Juliana Cedorchuck, senior criminal justice major and the president of IDP, said the club was able to reach a variety of students to get them to come to the German Club. “We have people coming from all different backgrounds that like all types of music,” said Cedorchuck. A WNHU 88.7 table was up on the stage playing songs for each genre of dance club and for attendees to enjoy and dance to.
Other recognized student organizations (RSOs) came to the German Club to supportAlex’s Lemonade Stand and show off some of their moves as well. Dancers from groups ranging from the Chargers K-pop Dance Crew to the Multicultural Greek Council came to donate and just have a great time.
Reaching different people across campus was an achievement of Cedorchuck and the rest of IDP, especially since they are making an effort to get more students involved.
Cedorchuck also said that IDP should hold more events in the German Club, which would allow more large dance parties to take place. IDP plans on holding more classes for students to learn Latinx styles of dancing, such as salsa, bachata, merengue and many more.
If you want to keep track of IDP’s events, check out their Charger Connection page and their Instagram page @incendiodance.