Carhartt Fashion Show ends Engineer’s Week on the runway

WNHU 88.7’s DJ table was front-and-center near the German Club stage creating an upbeat atmosphere for the Carhartt Fashion Show. Event manager for the show Lucas Nunez, a senior civil engineering major, was happy to find a DJ from the radio station.“We are good with math but not with photoshop or being a DJ,” he said.
Nunez, the president of the university’s chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), said that ASCE collaborated with the National Society of Black Engineers to pull off the event. This collaboration included finding poster designers and their WNHU DJ, who was there to blast the songs that contestants picked out for when they entered the stage.
“Power” by Kanye West played as Raymond Feliz, a senior civil engineering major, stepped out as fog rolled onto the stage. Feliz, whose outfit was inspired by just collecting different pieces from friends, gave a smooth turnaround on the stage before stepping away. .
Keiffer Neumann, a senior chemical engineering major, danced in front of the audience to “Harder Better Faster Whopper” by Sad Luli and Diamond BrickZ. Neumann said his outfit was inspired by Russian Nesting Dolls, as the outfit had many parts to it.
Tony Varbaro, a senior computer engineering major, came out dancing to “The Home Depot Beat” by Home Depot while carrying a hammer. The song choice was ironic, since Varbaro said part of his outfit came from Lowe’s.
University engineering students used Carhartt products throughout some aspects of the fashion show, which are popular among construction workers too, because of durability while dealing with heavy duty materials.
Jenn Tucci, a senior forensic science major, came onto the runway as “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton played. Tucci said her outfit was inspired by her father, who was an electrician that wore Carhartt products and would drag her as a child to the Carhartt store.
Lightning McQueen, the fictional race car from Pixar’s “Cars,” came to life in senior mechanical engineering major Ian Robinson’s outfit while “cbat” by Hudson Mohawke played. It was not until Robinson removed his jacket that the audience saw the small Lightning McQueen backpack he was wearing.
Nick Mayers, senior civil engineering major, decided to go back in time with his dinosaur suit while “Jurassic Park (trap edition)” by Pedro DJDaddy played. Later on, Mayers took off the prehistoric outfit to reveal a reflective vest from Carhartt.
Sebastian Silva, a senior mechanical engineering major, came out with a shovel in hand while “Mannequin Challenge” by Young Thug and Juice WRLD played. His outfit was composed of thrifted clothing items.
Kendall Barrow-Spencer, a senior chemical engineering major, took the stage while “Trance” by Metro Boomin, Young Thug and Travis Scott played. Barrow-Spencer said people asked if the outfit was inspired by the “iCarly” character T-Bone when it was merely pieces that the contestant threw together.
Contestants’ personalities shined through during the interview session conducted by the event’s host, Daryl DeCohen Jr., a senior mechanical engineering major. Interesting subjects came up, including Barrow-Spencer saying he slept without socks, a debate on whether Pluto is a planet or a rock and half the audience and contestant pool being divided on pineapple on pizza.
Another highlight of the evening was a dance performance from the Miss Majorettes, who gave a slow yet powerful and perfectly coordinated performance.
At the end of the night, the top three winners of the contest were revealed. In third place was Robinson, the Lightning McQueen fanatic.
Silva came up in second place, winning a Carhartt beanie.
The audience cheered for Varbaro, the first-place winner who controversially combined Home Depot with Lowe’s, and came away winning a Carhartt hoodie.